Outdoor retail signatories will contribute to the following topics


Supporting recycling innovations...
Enable brands to showcase their latest recycling innovations to consumers in your retail environment. By 2025 ... % of the floorspace is dedicated to products with recycled/regenerated content. Must be at least 5%.
Increasing recovery rates from worn out garments...
Implement a strategy to increase recovery rates from various garment types and compositions for instance through installing instore donation points
Consumer engagement...
Engage consumers in a campaign about this Circular Challenge and the WORN to REBORN project with a strong focus on education by showcasing products made from post and pre-consumer PET from textiles and garments.
Removing virgin PET from fabrics and replace with rPET...
Introduce 100% rPET garments with a minimum amount of 25% recycled PET from post and pre-consumer PET from textiles and garments by 2022 and actively support European upcycling initiatives for polyester garments.
New business modelling...
Pilot at least one new service with circular aim such as retal, sharing, second-hand sales, wash-and-reproof or refresh, refurbishment, repair, upgrading and spare parts service before 2025.

European outdoor and sportswear brands and retail leaders accelerate a transition to circular models,
reduce waste and lower the industries environmental footprint.